I'm ThinKing


They say you can't stop progress... but you can slow it down with a lot of mass, and not a lot of energy. It sure can seem like a giant physics simulation. Maybe if you strategically drag and drop the variables around, everything will fall right into place. Gravity rides everything.

Oh Look! What's floating through those clouds above the Information Superhighway? Is that a fat king variable-shifting robot? How cute! The result of billions of years of computation. I hear he even cares about people and wants to make a real difference... Imagine that! Maybe he'll crush those devilish progress bandits through pure brute force. I'd like to think he'll do it diplomatically.

Judging by his presence, things must be getting closer. If I could make it go away, I would. I sense a big change coming. A tear in the membrane letting the light in. Bold, bright, and blindingly beautiful. Probably polite to pretend we don't notice. Shhh!.. Real progress, anyone?

Looks like we're in this together. Our little secret. ROFLMAO. There is a rumour that everything changes... whatever that means.